“High Performance Work System’s Impact on Employee Performance in Telecommunication Company in Nepal.”

[1] Table of main contents ABSTRACT TABLE OF CONTENTS LIST OF TABLES LIST OF FIGURES LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS 1. Chapter I – Introduction 1.1 Background and significance 1.1.1 Research background 1.1.2 Research significance 1.2 Research object definition 1.2.1 High Performance Work System 1.2.2 Employee Motivation 1.2.3 Self Efficiency 1.3 Research contents and methods 1.3.1 Research contents 1.3.2 Research methods Chapter II – Theoretical basis and literature review 2.1 Theoretical basis 2.1.1 Motivational theories (Extrinsic and Intrinsic incentive) theories 2.1.2 Organizational practices 2.2 literature review 2.2.1 Overview of HRM theories and practices 2.2.2 The concept of HPWS theories Chapter III – Correlation study design 3.1 Research hypothesis 3.2 Study variable design 3.3 Research Methodology 3.4 Sampling 3.5 Data Analysis 3.6 Result Chapter IV – Conclusion 4.1 Findings 4.2 Recommendation APPENDIX REFERENCES

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