“The main theme of The Bronze Horseman is the clash of the individual and the state.” Discuss.

Basic rules for the essay: tell the reader what your argument is going to be, provide this argument, conclude by repeating why (in the light of the evidence you’ve provided) your argument is significant and convincing. HOWEVER: Don’t forget that the works we are studying sometimes don’t provide “easy answers” to questions, and you should not be afraid to show the ambiguities that may be present in these works, the different layers of meaning, potential readings that may be in conflict, or even evasions or inconsistencies in the works. In such instances, make sure that you state clearly what the difficulties in interpreting these works are, and why these difficulties arise. This does not mean that you should not put forward a clear argument in favor of a particular viewpoint, but simply that it is not advisable to ignore major problems or pieces of evidence that could undermine the credibility of the case you are making.

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