“third world” pejorative or descriptive? How, if at all, is the term rooted in racism and/or capitalism

Exam 1 Select ONE of the prompts below and compose an essay response of 750+ words OR develop and respond to your own prompt. Your exam essay must offer and support a narrowly-focused argument related to the prompt that you select/develop. If you elect to generate your own prompt, your prompt must relate to the course material for that module. Your exam essay must incorporate textual support from at least TWO course resources for Module 1. While you are free to include additional sources, your essay should balance analysis and support. For information on evaluating sources, see “Improving Your Research Skills” in the Writing Resources module. Exam essays should present a compelling, coherent, and specific thesis that is consistently and thoroughly developed. Essays should omit summary and personal reflection. Instead, your essay should offer a compelling argument that takes a stance on one of the prompts and provides ample support for your argument. Your essay should present a compelling, coherent, and specific thesis that is consistently and thoroughly developed. Summarizing the readings or relying on personal reaction will result in a lowered score or a grade of zero. Failure to meet the minimum word count and/or incorporate the required number and type of sources will result in a significant grade reduction. Your work will be graded on the quality of your ideas as well as your writing. Criteria for grading include completeness, thoughtfulness, and development and support of a particular argument. For more information on how your exam essay will be assessed, please see the rubric included in the syllabus. Works Cited entries DO NOT count towards the minimum word count. Per the plagiarism policy, you must cite ideas that are not your own. Essays must include proper MLA in-text citations, proper formatting, and a Works Cited page. Your exam essay must be submitted to the Exam 1 Assignment folder in .doc, .docx, or PDF format. Essays submitted in alternate formats will be considered late (and lose one letter grade per 24-hour period) until resubmitted in the proper format. Note: Your exams will be run through Turnitin. All instances of plagiarism/academic dishonesty will be investigated and reported. Please see the links in the Writing Resources module for tips on avoiding plagiarism. For more information on Turnitin, please see: https://turnitin.com/static/resources/documentation/turnitin/sales/Answers_to_Questions_Students_Ask.pdf Exam 1- due by noon on 3/20 (submit as a .doc, .docx, or PDF file to the Exam 1 Assignment folder) The following deductions will apply: 1) Submitted in alternate file format= late until resubmitted as a .doc, .docx, or PDF file 2) Late= -10% of the grade PER DAY (24 hours) 3) Missing Works Cited= -5% of the grade 4) Missing textual support from the required sources= -5% of the grade PER SOURCE (up to -10% of the grade) 5) Short of the word requirement= loses points based on percentage short (ex: an essay of 375 words can receive up to 50% credit with 750 words required) Exam prompts: Think critically about and support your responses to the prompt you select/develop. If you are responding to one of the prompts below, please indicate (below your title) the number of the prompt that you are responding to. If you choose to respond to your own prompt, you must include your prompt above your response. 2) Is the term “third world” pejorative or descriptive? How, if at all, is the term rooted in racism and/or capitalism? these two are the class citation https://spark.adobe.com/page/6UX3vYqL9tdgO/. 2 https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2015/01/04/372684438/if-you-shouldnt-call-it-the-third-world-what-should-you-call-it.

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