• An argument for colonialism from the pragmatist standpoint

Read “The Racial Contract” by Charles Mills Topic • An argument for colonialism from the pragmatist standpoint Thesis • There is an implied moral absolution from the author’s standpoint which creates implicit or explicit biases when presenting the arguments surrounding The Racial Contract • Mill ignores the pre-colonial setting of each respective society to advance his argument of white supremacy Lines of Reasoning Author ignores the specifics of non-white societies, as if non-white is a homogenous group with little distinctions aside from non-whiteness. Author ignores cultural norms and practices that would be viewed negatively or problematic even by modern liberal (postmodern) standards. For example, the Aztecs slaughtered hundreds of thousands of their neighbors before being conquered by the Conquistadors; North American indigenous populations were warring long before European settlers waged war; Jamaica was not a utopia before the arrival of white men but is romanticized as such; Japan is a nation that encountered Europeans during this era and has almost completely maintained its traditions, hierarchy, and culture in the time since then. The author is framing that all non-white groups are somehow virtuous and pure while at the same time framing that white, European groups are somehow all conquerors and willing or unwilling despots. Further explanation will point out the implied moral absolution that the author applies to their thesis’s as well as makes reference to the previous state of some of these non-white societies before European contact was established. 2500-3000 words

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