1. challenges for health promoters / 2. engagement

Norman shows us several challenges which health promoters need to consider. For example, he indicates that some people may not be able to access the Internet or have insufficient health literacy. For this reflection post, I want you to list challenges health promoters might encounter when they use social media to promote healthcare information. Your post should be approximately 300 words. This study shows how health organizations use social media to make their users engage in health promotions. The author lists several advantages why health organizations need to use social media to promote their health information. For this assignment, you need to find a health organization social media account and test the opinions from this study. For example, the author states that public health organizations can rely on social media to respond users’ comments and questions on health-related information. Can you test this find from the social media account you choose? Are there any limitations that public health organizations need to consider? Can you give some useful recommendations to the social media account you choose to improve their social media engagement? Your journal should be approximately 200-300 words.

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