***40*** NON NEGOTIABLE The cultural impact of GMO and why is change necessary now?

TITLE: The detrimental cultural impact of Biotechnology on today’s society surrounding GMOs and foods and why are changes necessary now? (7 Full Pages) The required length for the final paper is 8 pages including the cover, discussion (3-5 pages), references, and written as an annotated bibliography. • APA Format Citations – Sixth (6th) Edition • 3 to 5 sources from scholarly publications, including books and journal articles (required). Additional sources, other publications including government documents, newspapers, and magazine articles may be use (not required). Additional sources, Internet may be used (not required). Additional sources, interview or observation may be used (not required) Recommended Format for Final Paper I. Introduction Research Proposal: Topic, Question, Problem, Hypothesis (1-3 or 4). II. Body (analysis and synthesis of main topics) -Library Research (literature review) -Field Research (observation) III. Conclusion Summary Findings Evaluation Recommendations Final Paper (Assign. 3) Instructions • In addition to the topic that you have selected identify a specific question or problem for study in preparation for writing the final paper. • Conduct a review of literature regarding the topic that you have identified. • Collect information from the literature review, books and journal articles, to substantiate your assertions or arguments, i.e. to provide evidence for your hypothesis. • Synthesize information obtained from the literature review to develop a clear, concise, and well-developed essay. • Demonstrate knowledge that you have gained from conducting the project including new and insightful observations, implications, and conclusions of your own.

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