Please choose one of the following topics and prepare a three-page (minimum) report in proper MLA format. ONLY ONE PERSON PER TOPIC, PLEASE. A report gives factual information—it does not require a thesis to be proven or opinions to be discussed. For this assignment only, Google at least 3 websites for information. Be sure to cite your sources and use quotation marks when giving word-for-word (quotes) information so that you do not plagiarize. If you paraphrase, you must also be sure to cite your sources and provide intext citations. Paraphrasing material involves doing more than changing a word here or there. Please prepare a works cited page that follows MLA 8 rules. Topic you may choose: 1980s and Western Fashion—Choose a specific type Music—Choose a specific type Sports—Choose a specific type 80s Movies—Choose a specific type Economic Recession and Reaganomics Reagan and the Air Traffic Controllers Strike

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