A Comprehensive analysis of Dibs: in search of self

Read – Dibs: In Search of Self • Use Piaget, Erick Erickson and nature vs nurture theories to analyse the Dibs • Apply each of those 3 theories to Dibs and his family/school • Consider the following questions: o How might this theory explain Dibs’s development and behavior? o Does Dibs fit neatly into this theory? Why or why not? o How does Dibs contradict this theory? o According to this theory, what should be changed for Dibs (in his home, school, other) in order to help him have a more typical development? o How can Dr. Axline incorporate the knowledge of this theory into her treatment of and intervention with Dibs? • You have to answer each of the above questions for every theory, just write a well rounded, comprehensive analysis of Dibs through the lens of the theories that you chose. • You should cite at least 3 outside sources other than the book • Paper must be in professional, grammatically correct language and formatted in APA format.

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