A critical review of bike sharing project in China: impacts, challenges, improvement, future

What do you propose to do? Or, in social science: what is your research issue? (Introduction). – How will you enact the research (Methods)? And, – What is the significance of your research issue? (Discussion) Three pages (max.) of double or 1.5 spaced text, standard margins, deploy a few citations, and offer one page of References (three References will do, at a minimum). APA format. For the proposal, you are only beginning to attend to the first two items, with a slight hint about Data sources and anticipated significance (Discussion). The term paper will be for refinement of research issue, method, data, and discussion in light of learned material at the conclusion of the course. This is a proposal, i might want reorder for a paper later who can write it well ( probably get a A ) the context should include what’s kind of study “methods” I use, “data” collection is important, and also the ‘Gantt chart” for the final paper. Please show in the proposal. Following is the final paper grading system: Assessment will be based on this grade distribution: APA format followed:10% (Proper citations, referencing, and structure of paper.) Introduction: 25% (Review of relevant literature, priority to course content.) Method: 20% (Care in statement of the research issue is to be addressed.) Data: 20% (Organization and presentation of data, including course text/discussion.) Discussion: 25% (Proper resolution of research issue given presented data. Future steps.)

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