a critique essay on “A Caution on the Writings of Flannery O’Connor JAMES P. BERNENS”

Assignment: You must offer a critique of one of either Bernens’s “A Caution on the Writings of Flannery O’Connor” or Staudt’s “A Defense of the Grotesque in Flannery O’Connor’s Art.” You must focus on assessing only one of the articles, but you may refer to other sources in your critique. Your task is to assess whether the author succeeds in his purpose for the article, which, of course, entails that you identify the writer’s purpose for your audience. In order to offer a proper critique, you must first provide a clear context for your audience. Then you must evaluate whether the author uses accurate information, makes logical arguments, correctly interprets evidence, defines important terms, and presents a coherent overall argument. Make sure that you tease out assumptions implicit in key arguments. Follow the guidelines that I have provided to you for writing an academic critique. Remember, your task is to present an argument (thesis) about whether the writer’s essay is successful or not. These are the relevant parts of the essay: Introduction Summary Assessment of Presentation Response to Presentation Conclusion What I’ll look for when grading: —Unified and cohesive paragraphs. —Concise sentences free from grammar and punctuation errors. —Logical transitions between paragraphs.

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