Address some of the concerns and objectives of these Articles below:

REVIEW THESE TWO ARTICLES: Key issues in domestic violence by: Anthony Morgan & Hannah Chadwick ISSN: 1836-9111 Published: 12/2009 for this Article, you will write about: • Main point i.e. what the article is talking about. • How did they argue it? • How did they come about the conclusion? • Summary • 250 words Review Article Family Stigma: A Concept Analysis Author links lSihyunParkPhDc, RN1Kyung SookParkPhD, RN2 On this article you will talk about: • Introduction • Aims • Method • Result • Conclusion • 250 words 5 mins power point presentation. How to break paper article down into power point: Introduction? Aims? Methods? Results? Conclusion?

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