American History Research Paper w/ Bib and Cover – Any topic of great person/event (see)

American History, for the period from 1870s to 2000s Should discuss and evaluate person/event’s involvement and impact into history. Ask yourself a question: WHY does this person/event stand out from everyone/everything else in the past historical period? WHAT did world accomplish – or lost, as an opportunity – thanks to this person/event? his could be discussion of a life of notorious presidents, actors, sports legends, foreign policy events such as the Cuban Missile Crisis, history of CIA or 9/11; could also be biographies of great diplomats and politicians – your choice. The only restriction is the time frame, that is, from the beginning of the post-Civil War era till our days. Any topic you’re passionate about. Can include pictures. Please feel comfortable! Had a series of events happen in my life and between Bio work I just don’t have time to meet the deadline. I would so greatly appreciate if you can help me. “To succeed, each paper (100 points) should have: An intro with the major question(s) presented – (who, what, when, why this shaped) (10 points) A main body with citations: MLA or CMS (60 points) Conclusion: summary and general assessment (10 points) Bibliography on a separate page (10 points) Length: 6-7 pages including cover page TNR-12 ONLY; pictures are welcome!”

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