An Investigation of the use of Security Principles in a Selected Organization

URGENT, I need it after 6 hours. I have made half of the project remaining only 1500 words on three parts I need you to do it. Section 1: Introduction. Section 2: Overview of the chosen company. Section 3: The Information Systems’ Characteristics (Using the Expanded CIA triad). Section 4: Classification of the company’s Assets. Section 5: Naming the threats the company is currently facing. Section 6: Recognizing the Vulnerabilities in the company’s assets. Section 7: Calculate the risk values related to 2 vulnerabilities Section 8: Listing and classifying the countermeasures used or recommended. This includes the following subsections: a. The Security-Related Technology implemented/needed. (3 marks) b. The SETA program implemented/needed (4 marks) c. The Information Security policies implemented/needed (18 marks – 6 marks for each policy) Section 9: Conclusion Section 10: References see the attachments.

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