analysis of how Jewish has been portrayed in pop culture over the decades

Your final paper will be a 5-7 page analysis of how a specific cultural group of your choice has been portrayed in pop culture over the decades. Choose any culture or subculture, but get my okay. Examples of groups include: Native Americans, Asian-Americans, the disabled, little people, Catholics, housewives, etc. To aid in your analysis, you will choose four examples (films, TV shows, music videos, etc.) over four decades (one for each decade) that depict the group you’ve selected, and you will compare and contrast how – if at all – their depiction has changed over the years. You must use at least one source from each of the following: a book, a professional journal, and a news article. An Internet database source may be used, but not all sources can be from the Internet. Use the library. Citations and a reference page are required. Grades will based on clarity of thesis, ideas, language, and strength of argument, along with structure, grammar, and degree to which you demonstrate an understanding and synthesis of concepts discussed in class. At a minimum, you must outline the main points, do some basic research on any references, and present any questions that you might have about the text or the issues it raises. Be critical, rather than passively accepting, readers; media theory is very much a work in progress.

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