ANTH Final 7 question

Please complete the questions to the best of your ability. You can use your book and your notes, but you cannot work with other classmates. I do not recommend using the Internet while you work. It takes up time you need to actually think about your response, and often other sources use the same concepts in different (nonscholarly) ways then we’re using them for this class. Keep in mind the point is for you to show me what you know about the concepts we’ve covered in class. That means you should use key terms when you can and describe what they mean. Citation Expectations For the most part, you will probably summarize material from the course. If you use quotations, please keep the following in mind: -Follow MLA style for your citations. Cite quotations from our textbook like this: (Robbins 68). You are discouraged from using outside sources. If you do use materials that did not come from this class, include cite them both in-text and on a Works Cited page. -for module material I created, or from the films, please just indicate the source in your writing by naming the film and/or stating that it is from course modules -DO NOT COPY FROM THE INTERNET FOR YOUR ANSWERS; you will receive a zero if plagiarism is found

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