ARENA Simulation with animation and complete Report to be made

Flowchart Description: A clear explanation of how the model was built should be provided. This should mainly refer to the modules that were used and their exact place in the flowchart. This part should also provide an indication of how the major parameters of these modules have been set. One good way to achieve this is by using screenshots of the windows/dialog boxes presenting the modules’ parameters Run Setup Parameters: Based on the requirements of each specific problem/exercise, you are expected to make decisions on how the simulation run setup parameters should be determined. The simulation run setup refers mainly to the number of replications, replication length, time units and in general all the parameters included in the Replication Parameters tag appearing in the Setup option of the Run menu. The determination of setup parameters that conform to the requirements of the tasks is a key point. Incorrect selection of the run setup parameters will result in findings different from those expected (regardless of the fact that the model can be absolutely correct). Answers to the exercises’ questions: Following the presentation of the model, the main part of the assignment should serve the purpose of identifying the questions that need to be answered for each problem/exercise. Furthermore, it is expected that a complete and clearly stated answer should be provided for each of these questions. Whenever the problems’ questions are related to one or more of the collected statistics, the answers presented should be in accordance with those appearing in the statistics reports (see section below for the appendix). In some cases the problems/exercises require, in addition to a number of statistics, information on e.g. the system performance under a number of alternative scenarios or a number of plots, animations etc. It is important to note that you will be assessed against all the required information. In the appendix you are expected to provide the Statistics Reports. You are advised to prefer the Summary Statistics Reports, which are considerably shorter than those appearing in the Reports Panel (in the Project Bar) of the Arena interface. The Summary Statistics Reports are generated automatically by Arena after each simulation run and are saved in the form of a text file (*.out) in exactly the same folder where you saved the model. In order to be able to get such (*.out) files you may need to make appropriate changes in the fields Default Report and Display SIMAN summary report (*.out file) in the Reports tag appearing under Tools >Options. There are a number of issues that will be checked during the marking. Apart from the correctness of the collected statistics attention will also be paid to the: Run set up parameters that should be consistent with those presented in the main body of the task, Analyst’s name that in turn should point to the student submitting the task.

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