Argumentative Essay

Argumentative/Analysis Essay. Choose one or two of the perspectives offered or arguments made in the documentary, Merchants of Doubt. Summarize them, analyze them, and offer your own point of view. Support that view with evidence from the documentary as well as from our course readings. You may use one course reading if you use it substantially, to frame your argument, OR you can draw from two or more readings if you are using these sources to support, rather than to frame, your argument. Note that this is still an argument paper, so your analysis must be based on a claim; be sure to practice the “They Say/I Say” strategies that we have been working on all quarter. 3 pages. Post to Submit Assignments. Workshop in class. **********Use these sources (below) to support your claim. (In-text-citation) Do not use sources other than these 3 articles. Must be a clear argument/claim 1. 2. 3.

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