army combat readiness

There are three different parts the first two require 250 words and the third follow as directed in the instruction 1 “Following successful initial field testing, Army senior leaders have approved the development of alternate Army Combat Fitness Test assessments for selected Soldiers with permanent profiles that prevent full participation in the six-event test” (U.S. Army Center for Initial Military Training Staff, 2019). Do you support the development of alternate events? Why or why not? Support your argument with facts and scholarly references. • be a minimum of 250 words Resource Requirements to use: U.S. Army Center for Initial Military Training Staff. (2019). Army Announces Alternate Assessments for ACFT Field Testing. Retrieved from: 2 Background Information As the sun rises over the land, the village of Givrakh appears idyllic. However, this is a dead place that has been struck by a silent killer. It has left all of the inhabitants in either a hospital or worse yet, dead. The culprit, influenza, is possibly the most deadly strain of the virus yet seen. Experts from the World Health Organization are saying that this virus is worse than both the avian and swine flu outbreaks. It swept through this area with incredible speed. The entire region of Nakhchivan is now under quarantine. As an NCO in your Medical Detachment, you are part of the international effort to get control of the situation. Complicating matters is the recent increase in tensions between Atropia and Minaria over the region of Nagorno-Karabakh, a conflict that threatens to affect the relief efforts here in Nakhchivan. Discussion Question As part of the World Health Organization disaster response team efforts, what questions would you ask in regards to the operational environment? How would you attain the answers to these questions? What steps could you take to ensure you have prepared your unit to be successful in their mission? As a leader, how would you use the information obtained to prepare your subordinates for the upcoming mission? Must be 250 words 3 Scenario The company commander orders your platoon to defend an area that includes a heavily populated village against a small terrorist cell that has previously attacked it. Within the village is a five-story medical facility used to provide aid to noncombatants and civilians. Vehicles properly marked as medical transport sit in front of the hospital in clear sight. The recon element reports several historical monuments and museums in the area. To help facilitate the ease of troop movement and to protect the civilian population the commander orders the evacuation of the local population. The commander drafts an order notifying the mayor–“At 0600 tomorrow the evacuation will begin. If people refuse to cooperate, we will use force to remove them from their homes. Additionally, we will destroy any homes of those who refuse to leave.” The platoon sergeant asked you, the senior squad leader, to review the order, and to provide him feedback before the commander releases it. Questions 1. What aspects of the order, if any, are in violation of the Law of War? Explain in detail how those aspects violate the Law of War. 2. Your platoon sergeant asks you to rewrite the order to allow your platoon to accomplish the intended mission. Rewrite the order and explain, in detail, how the changes you made will assist the platoon in meeting the commander’s intent. 3. Review the list of war crimes (FM 6-27, pg. 180). Recount an occurrence of a war crime during the Global War on Terror (GWOT). Describe the impact of that war crime. 4. In your own words, define, in detail, and give examples of the following: – Protected Persons – Armistice – Canteens Resource Requirements • FM 6-27 The Commander’s Handbook on the Law of Land Warfare Instructions 1. Using a MS Word document, answer the above questions in paragraph format. Include a reference page that lists all the references you used

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