article/Discussion Assignment – Introduced Species

Discussion Assignment – Introduced Species Each group member must complete this assignment individually to receive credit! Suggested division of labor: Group Member 1 – Native species (all points!) Group Member 2 – Native species (all points!) Group Member 3 – Introduced species (all points!) Group Member 4 – introduced species (all points!) Remember the focus of the post is to find articles and other sources on the ecology of one of your groups’ chosen species. Optional: you can add fun tidbits on the medicinal use or other uses of your species, but it does not fulfill this assignment! Your post must include the following information in your own words, please see the “How To Cite Sources” page for more information. NOTE: Posts copy/pasted or plagiarized from websites without proper citations will receive a zero and are a form of academic dishonesty! See the rubric for the breakdown of points. Ask me if you have any questions on the assignment. 1.Scientific and common name for species 2.Where in the world is the species originally from? 3.Include the following points about the ecology of your non-native species for each point you should have an in-text citation (author, year): 1.Habitat requirements 2.Interactions with other species (does it utilize another species? does it compete with another species?) 3.Adaptions to the environment 4.Why is the species successful outside of its native habitat? for each point you should have an in-text citation (author, year): a) How was the species introduced to southern California? b) Does it have available habitat to colonize? Why? (Loss of natives? Fire?) c) Does it have plenty of resources, why? 5. Literature cited, using full citations as shown on the How To Page.

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