Article Summary: Farmington axes funding for city’s preservation commission

?submit a minimum 2-page and a maximum four-page (double-spaced, college level) written paper that includes: osummary of the and how the, oArticle you selected relates to the concepts, themes, and topics in the course articles read (that is the course materials), thereby enabling you to reflect critically and in-depth on the course materials. NOTE: oThe relationship of the article you selected to the course materials should be: ? Demonstrated in your summary paper using citations, as well as, provide the relevant references (works cited) in the appropriate writing style format (i.e. APA or MLA, etc.) The books I want you to relate the article are ?Tyler, N. et. Al. (2009). Historic Preservation: An Introduction to its History, Principles, & Practice. N.Y.: Norton ?Poppeliers, John C., & Chambers, S. Allen, Jr. (revised edition) (2003). What style is it? A guide to American Architecture. John Wiley & Sons. Please relate the article to the book

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