Article Summary/Review

The summary should be a synthesis of the article focused on the content/information being conveyed. It should also include a critique of the structure or design of the research. You will be graded on the inclusion of the following (therefore each area must be included): • Purpose and rationale for the study (4pts.) • Methods (participants, materials, procedures) (2pts.) • Results/Implications (4pts.) • Critique/Impressions (your assessment of the research design and how results may impact delivery of service) (3pts.) • Grammar, spelling, punctuation (2pts.) *Your critique of the article can be integrated throughout your paper or contained in a separate section. It must be evident where you are summarizing the article versus where you are providing your impressions. Your impressions should have thought and provide evidence rather than simply stating, “I think the researchers did a good job.” You will also be expected to include an impressions section in which you describe how the article expands upon the knowledge you have gained elsewhere on the topic, as well as potential clinical applications of the research findings and their relevance to speech language pathologists/audiologists, or clients. *Please note that the assignment should be prepared and written professionally. This means that written work should be free from errors in sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation. there is the link for the article

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