Artificial intelligence and the future of Digital Forensics

The emphasis of papers must be analytical, i.e. the paper should pose a research question or problem, and attempt to answer the question or problem with an analysis of available reference material, as well as your own perspective. Do not submit a “how-to” focused document, such as how to use a particular forensic tool. • Research papers must NOT seek merely to summarize the relevant details of a topic, even if that topic is new to the writer. The value in this assignment is in reaching a sufficient understanding of a set of material to allow you to provide an informed opinion on some application of the material to a specific issue. The following rubric will be used to grade the paper: • Abstract (Short summary of problem, approach, expected/final result): 5% • Clear statement of problem investigated and its relevance: 15% •Technical Content (depth and accuracy of information and analysis, innovation, length): 40% • Recommendation, answer, or conclusion supported by research and analysis: 15% • Clarity, Organization, grammar, and spelling: 15% • APA Style: 10% Please also include the present application of Artificial intelligence in Digital forensics and how it will also affects digital forensics in future. Paper should be at least 11 pages excluding title page and reference page

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