Assignment Bootstrapping idea Do this assignment before the “Dream Big” assignment.

Assignment_Bootstrapping idea Do this assignment before the “Dream Big” assignment. This assignment may start out seeming like it is the same thing you did your introductory video. Thatis partially true. The idea you put in your intro video may work for this assignment but this will requireyou to provide more details.It may seem like every decision related to starting a new business is the most important decision.One of those decisions is determining what the business actually does to bring in revenue. This unit isabout coming up with initial ideas on what type of businesses you could start.Over the years, South Central College students have done many different things. There have been anumber of students were licensed cosmetologists and wanted to open up their own salons, I’ve hadtattoo artists in class, there have been students who owned lawn care businesses. Other businessesthat are still going, such as SportsPix and Vanderberg Cleaning, were started by students either whilethey were in school or soon after.As you start out this unit it is important to remember that products can be goods (tangible things likeshoes) or services (such as lawn care). Everyday people on the street (and even some businessbooks) make the mistake of thinking products are only physical goods but products can be goods orservices. For example, lawn care is a product that happens to be a service whereas Nike shoes are aproduct that is a good. Some companies, such as an auto repair shop, are primarily a service but alsosell goods as part of the business.To create a business plan there needs to be some type of good or service provided. This unit willforce you to pick two different possible options and this assignment is about one of those options.One option will be what you would do if you had more skills and more money and the other option youpick would be what you would do right now with your current skills and only a few hundred dollars.Some business people use the term “bootstrapping” to refer to starting a business with only theresources that you have on hand. A bootstrapping business may start in a garage or apartment andrarely makes a lot of money right away.We will start with the bootstrapping idea.So…what good or service would you sell if you were starting the business in the next week with onlya few hundred dollars? At the end of this document is a list of examples of bootstrapping ideas but Iwant each of you to come up with one that fits you. For example, if your first thought is to Googlebusiness ideas you are probably doing this particular assignment wrong. The bootstrapping businessidea you come up with should be something that your friends or family could probably suggest foryou. Don’t get stuck thinking about huge business ideas.Copy and paste the questions below into a Word document and then answer each question. Whenyou are post your answers in the appropriate part of Discussions in our online classroom.1a) Describe the good or service and the business in detail.1b) If it is a good that is made describe all aspects of how it is made or if it is a service describewhere the service would be provided. 1c) If it is something that is made describe where you would get the raw materials.1d) Describe the skills you have to make the good or provide the service.1e) Describe a typical customer for this bootstrapping business idea.1f) How would you get people to know about your business? (Remember, this is idea should besomething you could start within the next week and so whatever you put for this answer should alsobe something you could really do).1g) How much would you charge customers?1h) Describe why you selected this bootstrapping business idea.Here is a list of bootstrapping ideas that you can use to brainstorm ideas of your own. It is Ok if youuse an idea from this list if the idea fits you but the most important thing is that you come up with anidea that actually fits a business idea you could start in the next week, or so, and with only a fewhundred dollars.1. Artist (painter, sculptor, etc.)2. Auto detailer3. Candle maker4. Car washer5. Clothing alteration business (i.e. “seamstress”)6. Clown for birthday parties7. Computer repair8. Cupcake maker9. Dance instructor10.Daycare / Babysitter11.Dog walker12.Dog sitter13.Event Planner14.Fishing lure maker15.Greeting Card maker16.Horse back riding instructor17.House cleaner18.Interior house painter19.Lawncare (just a push mower and a weed trimmer would get you started)20.Musical or instrument instruction (e.g. guitar teacher)21.Musician22.Personal trainer23.Pet groomer (this would require some skills)24.Photographer (if you already had a camera)25.Swimming teacher26.Tutor for academic courses27.Upcycling furniture28.Vegetable grower29.Website construction30.Wedding cake maker (some prior skills required)

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