Assignment Brief QB5917

The assignment will be to undertake an analysis of a company of your choice, from published information.
Background to the industry
Background to the company
Critical Success Factors for this type of company
Trend & ratio analysis of the business with consequent commentary on performance
Comparison with another similar business in the same sector
Sensitivity analysis
The company must have been incorporated for at least 3 years, so you have access to at least 3 annual financial statements.
Use Directors’ commentaries, Notes to the accounts and info from the web may be used as well. Reference any material used.
Support with ratios, cash flow analysis, sensitivity analysis and reference to the Notes to the Accounts.
Also, support it with graphs, tables and any other visual material where appropriate.
Guideline length for your analytic report is a maximum of 2, 500 words. However, because a lot of the material is numeric or may be graphical, a good report (which is well supported with such material) may succeed in being shorter.
There is a suggested format for your analyst’s report. You don’t have to use this in this form if you’d prefer your own format, but it does give a useful indication of what you should include.

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