Part One: Why do you think so many Americans are averse to a belief in evolution? Where do you stand on the issue? Part Two: When we think about recognizing and explaining social change, a good place to start is to analyze major events that have changed and will continue to change. For instance, from the population facts video this week, it is clear that our population continues to grow overall, but the author puts into perspective how technology and progress play a large role in different countries’ population rates. Talk to someone you know (family member/friend/colleague) who is at least around 65 years or older and ask them the following questions (if you are around that age, try to find someone who is around 80 or older): What major events happened in the world while they were growing up? (What tends to stand out the most?) What do they see as the biggest changes that have occurred over their lifetime? What changes do they foresee happening in the future? Any other questions that you find relevant during your conversation.

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