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The purpose of this interpretive essay is to help you achieve the following course learning goals: By the end of the course, students will be able to: Articulate several major themes in ethnic American literatures; Describe the historical, social, and cultural contexts of several works of ethnic American literatures; Write and speak engagingly and accurately about several ethnic American literary works; Use textual analysis methods to explicate literary texts. Instructions Start by reading this “prompt” (the question that is intended to stimulate your ideas): Choose a character in Homegoing with whom you most relate. Compare and contrast how that character’s personal and cultural background influences the character’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors with how your personal and cultural background influences your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. In a formal, argumentative essay of 1250 to 1500 words (according to the word count tool in Microsoft Word), respond to the prompt. To do this, develop a thesis (main argument) that answers the prompt. The rest of the essay will comprise your attempts to convince the reader of the veracity of your thesis. First-person (“I”) statements are fine when appropriate. Consider your audience to be a smart, educated person who has read, but is not an expert on, the novel. I expect you to use specific examples from the book and from your own experiences as evidence for the points you want to make. You are welcome to write about anything you feel comfortable sharing with readers. Anything you write will remain confidential within this course (as long as it doesn’t suggest potential harm to yourself or others, which I’m obligated to report); it will be read only by me. Note, however, that the paper will become part of the VeriCite database with your name removed. Please use MLA style.

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