Business Proposal: topic is necessity of the Implementation of body camera program in policing

Please submit a properly formatted and compelling persuasive Business Proposal on your approved topic. Be sure to be detailed, evidence-based, and address cost/benefit, implementation, monitoring, measurement, follow-up, potential legal issues, etc Ideally, you will use your actual work-experience and/or the needs of your business to inform the topic selection. This way, the assignment can be an effective tool to be used to enhance your professional experience. This will be your final project for this class, so be sure that you consistently and carefully work throughout the semester. Waiting until the final week to research, draft, format, and revise this project is a sure recipe for disaster. You may not need outside sources, depending on your project, but be sure to use APA citation for references to any outside materials. Length: 7-10 pages. Style: Formal/Professional.

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