Case briefings, Legal Aspect of Business Decisions,

5 cases: 1. Case 2-5 The M/V Saiga case (Merits) 2. Case 3-4 Shell v. R. W. Sturge, Ltd. 3. Case 6-7 Libyan Arab Foreign Bank v. Bankers Trust Company 4. Case 7-2 Japan – Taxes on Alcoholic Beverages (Supplemented by Case 3-1 Japan – Taxes on Alcoholic Beverages ) 5. Case 9-3 Monsanto Co. v. Coramandal Indag Products, (P) Ltd. Instruction: I. Introduction for all cases or for each case II. Body paper: has to be 10 pages (each case has to be 2 pages explanation and mentioned with) 1. Facts 2. Issue 3. Decision (decision by the Court, it can be add holding also, decision/holding) 4. Reasoning 5. Dissenting or Concurring opinion(summarize,by the court) III. Conclusion for all cases or for each case IV. Reference list (for each case 2 is enough, body paper has to be cited, all paper has to be 10% cited)

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