Case study of a learner with severe depression and anxiety

Introduction: You attempt to define anxiety and depression and make some reference to literature. You do not define inclusion or refer to the relevant acts of parliament in order to situate this case study in context as required by criteria 7. You discuss how depression affects learners in general. Methodology: You discuss ethical considerations and explain to some extent how you have factored this in to your case study but you make no reference to literature. This would have supported your discussion. Some of the methods you discuss such as the ‘at risk drinking behaviour’ may not be ethically appropriate. In addition you did not submit an ethics form to LSBU prior to beginning your research, you should not have commenced without this being signed off. You do not discuss the case study as a method nor do you justify your choice of method for this research. You discuss some limitations of the study at the end. Case Study and conclusion: You have not included a narrative account of a critical incident therefore, you do not demonstrate that you have a good insight into a barrier to learning a pupil faces. You provide the results of questionnaires along with a range of statistics relating to two or five learners but you do not discuss in any depth the barrier to learning and how it may be addressed. In order to pass this assignment you need to: Follow the guidance provided on how to structure the assignment so that you meet the criteria. Define inclusion and the barrier to learning you intend to focus on with reference to literature. Discuss (and reference) the acts of parliament such as the equality act and make links to how this has impacted/does impact on the inclusion agenda. Explain your methods/ethical considerations and make reference to literature (try Cohen et al to start) Carry out an observation on a learner who you have identified has a barrier to learning. Write up your observation of a critical moment in narrative form. Interpret and discuss your observation. Suggest ways to address the barrier to learning.

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