Case Study- PanAm and KLM, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Course Outcomes Identify human performance factors in aviation safety Identify causal factors that contribute to accident scenarios Develop methods and habit patterns to avoid accidents and avert risk in aviation Develop steps to interrupt the accident chain. Unit Outcomes Examine Case Studies involving industry changing accidents and apply newfound knowledge to avoid accidents in the future. measured by essay response Materials Review all of the listed Case Studies on the next page. Completion Pick one of the Case Studies provided and write an essay (1000 words minimum). In your essay, introduce the accident: Who, What, Where, Why, When. Express the accident in terms of Human Factors models. What factors contributed to the accident? Explain. Use PEAR or at least 4 elements from the Dirty Dozen. It may be helpful to review the study guides provided in Human Factors Additionally, express the accident in terms of CRM or ADM concept models you have learned (i.e.: 3Ps, 5Ps, DECIDE, OODA). What factors could have averted the accident. Explain. It may be helpful to review the study guides provided in Aeronautical Decision Making and Crew Resource Management. Discuss what the industry has learned from this accident and what changes have been implemented to prevent a recurrence. Please identify the sources from which you quote and list sources used in your research. You can use the Citation Guides found for MLA or APA. Do your own work.

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