CASENOTE & COMMENTARY COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENT Blackburn v Attorney-General [1971] 1 WLR 1037

Use all of your sources to provide a discussion/argument on one or more aspects relative to the case in question. You will be demonstrating your technical skills in casenoting and also your understanding of the case itself and its wider remit in the Commentary by explaining why one or more aspects are of particular interest relative to the case in question. • Provide an annotated bibliography of all the sources you cite. Your Casenote must follow the template categories included in this handbook on p27. • Your Commentary must refer directly to evidence used or referred to in the case to support your assessment of the legal principle(s) the case illustrates, and should consist of: • A brief introductory paragraph outlining the issue(s) you will focus on to discuss in more depth in your commentary, • two or more paragraphs, each paragraph dealing with a different aspect/point of the issue(s) you have focused on. Each paragraph must A) set out at least one point/aspect related to the case; B) sketch out the relevant point to be made about that issue, providing evidence in footnotes to back up your assertions (judicial comment on the case in question, other cases, theorists, quotations etc.), and C) set out a brief conclusion on that point/aspect to show how that issue has helped you to provide a commentary • a concluding paragraph which pulls together all the strands from your paragraphs that will provide an overall coherent Commentary on the relationship of the issue(s) to the case in question. • Your annotated bibliography must be appended to your casenote & commentary (not as a separate document). An annotated bibliography must not only include a full citation for each source (see your LSP notes on how to do this properly), but also provide an explanation on how each source helped you address the Commentary. • You must write in full sentences – not ‘note’ form – and finish and polish your work. shows evidence that you have correctly dissected the case and are able to provide a well-structured casenote fulfilling where applicable the categories as set out on p28; • shows evidence that you have identified relevant issues in the commentary relating to your casenote (rather than simply describing what you have read/heard); • shows evidence of research and reading, making use of appropriate sources; • provides evidence in support of each point raised in your commentary; • shows evidence that you have understood how to make use of the sources in addressing the commentary so that the link to the casenote is clear. • is written appropriately, taking into account spelling, grammar and formatting skills. When marking your work we will note the extent to which your bibliography: ? provides evidence that you have correctly dissected the case. ? shows evidence of relevant research using appropriate primary and secondary sources. ? shows evidence that you have read the primary and secondary sources that you have cited. ? shows evidence that you have understood how to make use of the sources in addressing the commentary through reference to the annotated aspect of the bibliography.

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