Chapter 1 discussion board (Communication Studies 102: Introduction to Mass Media!)

Please answer one of the following three questions that I have posted as a reply to this set of instructions and respond to at least one other classmate’s posting. Postings must address all aspects of the discussion question and consist of a well-developed paragraph that includes integration of concepts and terms from the text (please put the terms in bold type or ALL CAPS if your system will not cooperate and include page citations). Emphasis should be placed on discussing and applying the concepts and theories discussed in the text. One sentence responses are unacceptable. Please respond in approximately 150-200 words. If you would like to review the “Guide to Discussion Boards lecture” in the Getting Started module, please click here. As a friendly reminder, please post your response to a discussion question by 11:59pm on Tuesday, July 3th, and your response to a fellow student (RTFS) posting by 11:59pm on Thursday, July 5th. PLEASE NOTE: In the spirit of truly participating in a discussion and learning from one another, I am hoping that there will be no “work arounds.” Since you must post before reading the responses of others, a few students have found ways to deviate from this requirement by posting a “.” or other methods. This type of behavior will defeat the purpose of what all of us are trying to achieve—a true learning environment where all of us can participate freely. This type of activity deviates from our purpose. Therefore, anyone employing these techniques will not receive any credit for the discussion. I am confident this will not be the case. Question 1. What is the difference between mass communication and mass media? Please provide an example of each in your response. Select one of the three contemporary models of mass communication (ritual model, publicity model, or reception model). Which of these models is most intriguing to you? Why? What do you hope to gain from studying mass media this quarter? Question 2. What is media literacy? Why do you think that media literacy is important? Is it important? Should Bellevue College students be required to take a course that includes media literacy in some capacity? Why or why not? As you start the quarter in CMST&102, do you think that you are media literate? Why or why not? What do you hope to gain from studying mass media this quarter? Question 3. Review the “Seven Secrets About the Media “They” Don’t Want You to Know” in Chapter 1. Choose two of the secrets. Provide a concrete example (other than those noted in the textbook) of each of the secrets you selected. Do you think that these secrets guide your understanding of how the media operate? In what way(s)? What do you hope to gain from studying mass media this quarter? Here is the rubric I will use to evaluate your discussion board posting & response: Response to question 10 points Proofread/edited 1 point Response to classmate’s posting 9 points

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