Chapter I: Statement of the EBP Problem. (Paper guideline as follow)

Please follow this guideline for the research project listed below.
NOTE: Research articles much be within 5 years and focus should be outpatient setting; American based articles; Research language being use; American English use not British language follow outline presented below please. The paper is organized in different sections please follow each section with guideline noted.

Chapter I: Statement of the EBP Problem. (Paper guideline as follow)

(what exactly is going wrong in your area of practice for which you are hereby proposing a solution for the problem).
Background of the problem (the problem from a historical perspective)
Significance of the problem (why is it important to solve this problem; for example, if a clinical problem discuss the impact in terms of (3Ms) morbidity mortality & money).
Purpose Statement (what exactly do you hope to achieve if you were to implement this
PICOT formatted question (utilize Melnyk pages 28 & 29 as your guide)
(P) population or problem of interest
(I) intervention or innovative change
(C) comparison or usual care
(O) outcome (s) or results of implementing intervention or change
(T) time required for intervention to produce specific outcome(s)
Conceptual Definitions of concept(s)
Define concepts from framework/model and PICOT as defined in the literature i.e. textbook Operational Definitions of concept(s)
Define concepts from framework

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