Chicana Aesthetics, Reclaiming Sexuality and Representation

This week’s readings focus on Chicana sexuality, patriarchal oppression, internalized colonization, religion, and culture. In Black skirts, Dark Slacks and Brown knees, Catherine Ramirez argues that traditional gender roles, were repeatedly challenged by the dress, speech, and actions of Pachuca’s. Rodriguez argues that the Pachuca represented a threat to the home front because of the ways she diverged from the “feminine patriot”, and she was excluded from the Chicano family because of her dissident gender expression and sexuality. Going along these lines, Carla Trujillo author of Chicana Lesbians: Fear and Loading, argues that Chicana lesbians are seen as a threat to the order of male domination. Trujillo analyzes key concepts such as sexuality, identification, motherhood and religion through what she calls the lesbian experience. Trujillo emphasizes the role of Chicano culture in repressing women’s sexuality, self-love, and self-identification. Sandra Cisneros article examines the feelings of guilt, shame, and discreteness that Chicano and Mexican culture and religion have imposed on women specifically in relation to sexuality. In your post, discuss how this week’s readings have expanded or challenged your understandings of the intersections of culture, religion, nationalism, gender, race, and sexuality. What does it mean that Chicanas are the interpreters between words, the translators with a vision of change? Also, consider analyzing in your own words how do Chicanas threaten the social hierarchy of patriarchal control. Review the (5) attachments – reading materials

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