Chinese Americans Ordeals

PLEASE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS IN 6 PAGES. 6 PAGES MEANS GOING DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF PAGE 6. PLEASE USE THE KWONG ATTACHMENT AS A PRIMARY SOURCE AND ALSO INCLUDE 3 OF THE SOURCES ATTACHED. PLEASE CITE IN MLA FORMAT. PLEASE DO NOT RANDOMLY CAPITALIZE WORDS OR MAKE THE SPACING OF THE PAPER ODD. THANK YOU VERY MUCH APPRECIATED PROMPT: In reading about Chinese American experiences through the 19th and mid-20th centuries, discuss and analyze what is currently happening in San Francisco and/or New York Chinatown environments for Chinese constituencies: Who is living there, who are the new Chinese ethnic groups/immigrants coming to these spaces and what does it mean for earlier Chinatown community and earlier ethnic groups? What is their status? citizen, visa, undocumented, etc.? Why are they coming to the U.S. and have migration patterns and networks changed from those in earlier Chinese American histories you’ve been reading– in terms of their departures from China/elsewhere and their arrivals here in the U.S.? What types of labor/work are found in Chinatown? Are there forms of labor or sex trafficking and by whom? Forms of exploitation and by whom, do they suffer forms of racialized violence, social and economic disparities, legal/governmental tensions, etc.? What are their issues and dilemmas living within globalized transnational advanced forms of capitalist economies? What are Chinatown youth issues/tensions in contemporary Chinatowns? Subcultures? Activisms and mobilizations around what issues? And how do those Chinese not living in Chinatown (those for example living suburbs/ethno-burbs, up-scale gated communities, Silicon Valley, etc.) perceive and interact or not interact with downtown Chinese? What do you think is happening in the late 20th-early 21st century?

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