CIS 409 Network services inferstucture Lab 9: Recovering Servers and

I need someone to login into my MOAC Labs week 5 on Blackboard and complete my assignments for this week. There are 2 labs for week 5. Lab 9 and Lab 10 Log into the MOAC Labs Online Environment. Complete and submit the weekly lab(s) according to the lab instructions. Fill out and submit the Lab 9 worksheet – Lab report must use the lab worksheets provided under the “MOAC Online Labs Supplemtal Resources.” Do not submit the entire lab manual. Submission of the entire lab manual will result in points being deducted. Only submit the lab worksheet. – Lab report must be submitted in Microsoft Word format. The file format ends in .docx or .doc – Lab report must include the screenshots as required in the report – Screenshots must include the date/time stamp form your computer to aid in proving authenticity of your work. Screenshots that do not show your computer date/time from a valid date for this class will not be accepted. Your screenshot must include the full screen so that the date and time is shown in the lower right. Screenshots without date/time shown will not earn credit. Use CTRL+Print Screen to capture the entire desktop. Don’t crop anything out. The lab manuals say to use ALT+Print Screen. Don’t do this. Use CTRL+Print Screen.

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