Worcester Police Department

Crime Analysis Unit – Crime Pattern Bulletin




Bulletin Number:

Date:  2021

Breaking and Entering

MO/Activity Summary: past seven days of breaking and entering, including dwellings, commercial and attempted.


Please contact the Crime Analysis Unit at 508-555-16212 SUBMIT TIPS if you have any questions or updates to the information contained in this report.


List of Incidents:

2021000077855 EDWIDGE ST 08/05/2021 2PM B&E Dwelling P:077855
2021000078740 AUSTIN ST 08/07/2021 12PM Attempted B&E P:078740
2021000078111 COES SQ 08/06/2021 7AM B&E Commercial P:078111
2021000078303 MANN ST 08/06/2021 3PM B&E Commercial P:078303
2021000078316 OREAD ST 08/06/2021 4PM B&E Dwelling P:078316
2021000078927 BELMONT ST 08/07/2021 8PM B&E Dwelling P:078927
2021000079009 DEWEY ST 08/07/2021 11PM B&E Dwelling P:079009
2021000079372 PERRY AV 08/08/2021 9PM B&E Dwelling P:079372
2021000079614 ROATH ST 08/09/2021 3PM B&E Dwelling P:079614
2021000079662 NORTH ST 08/09/2021 4PM B&E Dwelling P:079662
2021000079703 BLITHEWOOD AV 08/09/2021 6PM B&E Dwelling P:079703
2021000079799 SUTTON LN 08/10/2021 1AM B&E Commercial P:079799















Crime Map

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