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This and last week’s material reviewed major theoretical orientations that we will refer to often throughout the semester. I’ve previously suggested downloading and printing the theoretical orientation handout (provided in Week 1 and 2 handouts) because it is a useful tool that you can use to note not only theoretical assumptions but stages of human development. We will also come across other theories that can be placed into each of the major orientations presented this week as they are smaller theories deriving from these broader theories. For each stage of development, you can enter key-words, phrases, and names of smaller theories that will help you remember important pieces of information for each stage. I would suggest you keep a notebook that details what each of these orientations have to say about development, for example, the way people learn, why individuals engage in certain behaviors, and what you like and dislike about each theory. As you read the material think about what each major perspective is saying about the physical, cognitive, social and/or emotional development of children and adults. If someone were to ask you what Cognitive Theory is–what would you tell them in a couple of sentences? This is broad information and I want you to think broadly. Development is everything we think it is so what does each major perspective say about various aspects of development for the majority of individuals? Discussion (Parts 1, 2, & 3) Part 1: For this week’s discussion I want you to use the template below (Numbers 1-5) and briefly state 3 words or phrases that you think represent each major theoretical perspective listed below as based on the information you have read (Do not use the same word twice for any of them): 1) Psychoanalytic: Word 1, Word 2, Word 3 2) Cognitive: Word 1, Word 2, Word 3 3) Behavioral: Same as above 4) Ethological/Evolutionary Development: Same as above 5) Ecological Theory: Same as above Part 2: After listing the words for each of the major perspectives, in no more than a paragraph or so, I want you to identify the one theory you understood best and the one you understood least. For both, briefly discuss what you think each one is saying as to how development occurs either physically, emotionally, or socially (you can pick one of these areas to focus on for each theory). Briefly, discuss your interpretation and be sure to include the information you read from your textbook and the scholarly peer-reviewed journal article with appropriate citations. Part 3: From the handout Frameworks in a Few Words I want you to type one quote and the author’s name that really caught your attention for good or bad. Tell us why you found it interesting. Required APA Discussion Format: 1. You must include in-text APA citations IN your discussion (these are called in-text citations). 2. At the bottom of your discussion, you will space down twice and type REFERENCES. Underneath the phrase REFERENCES, you will list no less than two references (one should be your textbook and the other should be a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article) that match the in-text citations IN your initial discussion post. Make sure references and citations you are using in this discussion are honest, accurate descriptions of information you are actually using for source information. 3. Be sure to respond to at least 2 of your classmates no later than Friday of this week. 4. You will use academic language as well as proper spelling and complete sentence structure.

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