Collecting and Categorizing current news for Abercrombie

Create a “Traffic Light Report” for Abercrombie & Fitch Bullet points only. NO PAPER NEEDED. What is a “Traffic Light Report”? It consists of 3 categories. The GREEN column includes items that are running along smoothly or surpassing your expectations. GREEN’s tend to be FYI only in nature with little to no action required from your manager. The YELLOW column includes items that are currently functioning, but need to be flagged proactively as you foresee problems possibly existing on the horizon. YELLOW’s are warnings and tend to require no immediate action. However, the fact that are listed in yellow is a flag to your manager that you may require their attention in the near future. The RED column includes items requiring immediate action. Items may be emergencies or simply action items you already reached out to your boss about in separate emails, but have yet to receive a response. Build the report using ONLY current news! The earliest time of the news that’s acceptable would be from May in 2016. The more current the better. Example of a traffic light report for Sriracha will be uploaded for better clarification.

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