Compare and contrast Piaget’s and Vygotsky’s theories of Cognitive Development

Hi, I need a person who already has a good knowledge on the subject and has done a good amount of reading on it. The essay should be written at university level. Reference list should be done following the APA guidelines. Websites such as wikipedia, simplypsychology and etc should not be used. Also don’t use A level text books. There should be references to books and journals. The introduction should include – what is the theory of cognitive development, introducing vygotsky and piaget, why is the topic important. The main body should compare them and aspects of each theory and their differences and similarities. (this should be supported by with information from a text book or research. It is really important that is finished by the deadline and it is no more than 1000 words! If you think that you can do all of that with high quality, professionalism and no plagiarism please text me. I will provide any further information if needed.

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