comparison report on (out-of-date facilities/hardware supporting the private cloud environment

You are the Cloud Architect for the Irish branch of an International Pharmaceutical company who are considering outsourcing their DataCenter (out-of-date facilities/hardware supporting the private cloud environment). In terms of base hardware, this amounts to 5 X Dell R610s; each server runs a base hypervisor of ESXi with 10 Microsoft Windows 2016 Server VMs, 6 X Cisco 3750 Switches along with 3 X MD1000 SAN units each providing 50 TB storage. (PLUS all the support facilitates a DataCenter requires.) Produce a comparison report on the options available (including keeping in-house), identifying the key metrics that require consideration, outline potential solutions, compare and contrast these offerings & make a final recommendation. Paper must be written in your own words and conform to Harvard referencing standard. You may use Moodle submission to test your originality before submission ( Deliverables The paper (preferably in PDF format)

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