Consider this statement: ‘Pointers do exist in Java’.

When working with multiple programming languages, some technical terms reappear. For instance, many different languages use the term ‘int’ for the integer data type, and its meaning is quite consistent across them. However, not all familiar terms mean precisely the same thing from one language to another. It’s important to test familiar-looking technical terms to determine if they actually mean the same thing, lest the same term be treated in different ways. The term ‘pointer’ is strongly associated with the C/C++ concept of pointers, which are variables that explicitly store memory addresses and can be modified arithmetically to point to any arbitrary address. For this Discussion, you will compare and contrast Java’s use of the term ‘pointer’ in relation to how the term appears in C/C++. To complete this Discussion: Post: Consider this statement: ‘Pointers do exist in Java’. Decide whether this statement is true or false and build a case with examples to support your position.

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