Contributing Factors of Homelessness in Winnipeg Among the Female Population

Must be Winnipeg, MB specific Length: 3750 words. This is an academic-style paper, and will be marked accordingly. This assignment is intended for you to grapple with an issue by going beyond simply arguing a thesis statement to consciously reflecting on your own experience and what we have learned in this class. It is important to ground your issue in course content*, and further research including academic work, personal experiences, and to events from local, national or other mass media. Throughout the assignment you will reflect on how you engage with this issue in your own life in addition to how the issue might be addressed collectively. MLA to reference work and properly cite quotations. Your grade will be based on: Writing (clarity, style, grammar, spelling); Analysis (your thoughts and feelings); Research (used to build your argument/description); Attached is a proposal for the paper

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