Corporate Valuation Model on Excel: Inc.

Deadline in 7 hours, cannot be extended unfortunately. 80% of this assignment needs corrections, which requires a Finance expert. The remaining 20% needs completing. Short-timeframe of 6 hours, should not need more for an expert. Everything up to the Pro Forma Financial Model have been attempted, but the figures are way off, so they will need to be corrected. Whereas, everything post that sheet will need to be filled in appropriately. The book to use for referring to the expected theories is (although, given that the writer should have more than adequate knowledge in the field, the book should not be needed): Benninga, Simon. Financial Modeling (The MIT Press) (Page iv). The MIT Press. Kindle Edition. I won’t be around for the first 3 hours, but I will for the last 4 hours, in case any clarification is needed, I’ll be happy to provide that as soon as the order is accepted.

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