creative project involving research on African art

undertaking a creative project involving research on African art. Either way, the topic will need to be cleared with me before proceeding. A bibliography is required for both. The project will involve the creation of an original work of art or a diagram, model, or other didactic tool based on African art. Along with the project, the student must turn in a 6-7 page (2000 word) essay describing the nature of the project, its intentions, discussion of relevant literature, and its relationship to African art (differences in media, scale, style; function and symbolism of original, etc.). A proposal for the project is due in advance, and should cover the following (in about 1000 words): •brief description of intended project •brief discussion of relevant literature (for example, if your project is relating to shamanic themes in Southern San art, you need to discuss the literature on shamanism in San art)•bibliography(chicago style), in proper format (at least 5 academic sources

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