Creative Writing- Treatment/ Adaptation–Write a UNIQUE dramatic treatment adaptation

I am looking for a writer with creative writing experience. My last writer did not have a thorough understanding of the directions listed below and I ended up having to redo this entire assignment. I expect integrity and responses in a timely manner if I am considering you for assignments. Thank you Objective To freely adapt a short story into treatment form while clearly justifying the aesthetic choices you made. Read A Man from the South, by Roald Dahl A Framework for Adapting Fiction to Cinema (Blackboard) Adaptation: Finding the Story (Blackboard) Part 2: Submit Treatment A. Write a UNIQUE dramatic treatment (adaptation) of A Man from the South. B. Graph/plot the dramatic arc of both the original short story and your unique dramatic treatment. What changes do you recognize? How do these changes effect the new telling? Shoot for about 500 words. Part 3: Final Analysis. Answer these questions in regards to your unique dramatic treatment with examples from the text. A. Are the protagonist’s inner quest and conflicts sufficiently externalized through action? If not, how can you rectify this? B. How are the necessary motivations and backgrounds conveyed for each character? C. Is the protagonist’s problem evidenced and resolved in a way that is suitable for the screen? D. What changes in meaning, if the adaptation strays from the original story, are represented in the adaptation? Are there remaining aspects of adaptation that need comment?

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