crime bulletin Not only do crime analysts create crime maps for analysis

Not only do crime analysts create crime maps for analysis, they also create bulletins and reports for law enforcement in order to help them make informed responses.

Visit the Police Foundation website on “Crime Analysis and Mapping Product Templates,” specifically reviewing the links to the “Tactical Bulletin Template Instructions PDF” and “Tactical Bulletin Template.” Also visit the University of Maryland’s “Short-Term Crime Reduction” page and review the links for “Pattern Bulletin Components” and “Pattern Bulletin Example.”

Then, create your own crime bulletin for the prevalent crime you identified in your final project. You may invent or omit some information for the bulletin in order to complete it, such as suspect names, descriptions, and arrest cases. You should include a time series chart summarizing the time or days of the incidents. Attach your crime bulletin to your post.

In response to your classmates, discuss what is helpful about the crime bulletin. Are there things you would alter? If so, what? Compare and contrast the organization of your bulletin with theirs.

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