Critical Reaction #2

Write an academic essay (750-1000 words, excluding works cited) on ONE of the following topics: Use MLA style for all citations and Works Cited page must be MLA style 1. Like water for Chocolate can be said to double back against its own feminist pretensions, resulting in what is ultimately a conservative text. Explain the ways that the film can be read as a “feminist” text as well as how it falls short of that possible intent. 2. Explain the transnational spread of rock music into Latin America. Be sure to include an explanation of its appeal to certain groups or sectors as well as how it was criticized by both the political Left and Right. 3. Explain the differences between traditional telenovelas and more recent “globalized” versions of telenovelas. Be sure to include explanations of the characteristics of telenovelas and what purposes they served in terms of attracting audiences as well as addressing tensions or conflicts.

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