Critically evaluate both advantages and disadvantages of agile methods

Successful project management requires a range of professional skill sets (a tenacious mind is also helpful). Prior planning may prevent poor performance, but only to a certain degree. Therefore, creating positive interventions to a failing project may be necessary to save the project, but doing so is no easy task. Software development is riddled and complicated with risks (project risk, product risk, business risk etc.). Additionally, ever-changing project management issues (communication, resource allocation, maintenance etc.) can derail an otherwise successful project management trajectory. In this Discussion, you will be asked to share an implication of modern software development. To complete this assignment: Post: Critically evaluate both advantages and disadvantages of agile methods. Propose a scenario where using agile ultimately leads to negative impact on the project. Conversely, propose a scenario where agile leads to the success of a project. Assume a software engineer asks your opinion on agile; offer your general recommendation of the agile method.

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