Curriculum Unit Development on Chlamydia for children at the age of 12

The critical assignment in this course is to develop an educational curriculum unit. According to your text, “a unit plan is a vehicle for providing multifaceted learning opportunities designed to enhance the delivery of instruction and assessment. The elements of the unit plan collectively provide a big picture of health intervention. Just as individual trees create a forest, the elements of the unit plan function to create a plan for health promotion.” The unit you develop will be assumed to be a part of a larger curriculum, and you will design it as such. This assignment can represent a yearlong middle-school program given in class or it can be a four-week community education program. The length, setting, etc. are all up to you. If you have questions about appropriateness, be sure to clarify with me first. Within the curriculum unit you develop throughout this course, you should clearly identify, compose, and integrate each of the following components: Topic and priority population selection with rationale (supported by academic/professional sources); statement of purpose; application of theories- cognitive-behavioral and community-level; general goals and measurable objectives; an appropriate lesson plan; two different intervention activities- tailoring messages to priority populations and targeting multiple learner types; two different evaluation activities; special challenges identification and accommodation plan; and a list of resources needed to complete the curriculum unit. Topic/Population and Rationale- Identify a public health issue that can be addressed through health education; additionally, identify the priority population you will be targeting with your curriculum unit development. Provide your rationale and support it with academic/professional sources. Statement of Purpose- In a few short sentences, to me what this program will attempt to accomplish, and how will it be done. Application of Theories- This is one of the few sections that you have not worked on extensively throughout the semester; therefore, you will be newly creating this section to include in your critical assignment. In this section, you should critically analyze and clearly apply theories from a cognitive-behavioral perspective, and also from a community-level perspective. Explain the application of general concepts and specific constructs in developing an appropriate curriculum that addresses the knowledge, skill, and/or attitude of your priority population in regards to the topic. 1-2 pages Goals and Objectives- Your health education curriculum unit goals and measurable objectives should be capable of addressing a public health issue through education, and support specific National Health Objectives. You are required to have at least 2-3 general goals for your curriculum unit, and 3 measurable outcome objectives that support each goal. Your outcome objectives must represent each one of the educational domains- cognitive, affective, and psychomotor. In addition to these, you should also have 3 process objectives. Lesson Plan and Learning Activities- Identify, describe, and clearly apply specific concepts and relevant educational principles beneficial in the development of your health education curriculum unit- specifically towards at least two intervention/learning activities and completed lesson plan. These may include (but are not limited to) principles related to motivation, needs and abilities, the nature of learning, adult learner (if appropriate), learning preferences, group time, contact time, cultural appropriateness, learning environment, seating arrangements, etc. All materials needed to complete the lesson or learning activities (e.g., worksheets, lists of rules, etc.), should be included in this section as well. Evaluation Activities- Identify an appropriate evaluation type for each of the following objective functions: outcome/impact objectives in the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains (3 total); process objective (1 total). Create two evaluation activities that assess your stated process objective, and a stated outcome/impact objective. These can take whatever form is appropriate to the objective, whether a materials or attendee checklist was completed or a short 5-item evaluation of the facilitator, 10-item pre-test post-test, etc. Make sure to identify whether the evaluation activity is for process or impact, and also identify the learning domains (i.e., cognitive, affective, or psychomotor). Accommodation Plan- Identify special challenges you may face in delivering one of the activities you developed for your curriculum unit, to those who may require accommodations. Explain how you can utilize educational principles for those with unique needs, to develop or adapt your learning activity. Finally, prepare an accommodation plan that considers at least two different modification strategies for one of your activities. Resources- Provide a list of resources needed to complete the curriculum unit All sources of information utilized throughout your curriculum development should be accurate, relevant, and valid. It is highly encouraged for you to include materials you have already created in your Supportive Submissions, Homework, and Reflections if appropriate. These were all designed to assist in building your curriculum unit. Make sure to incorporate any feedback I have given previously. You must integrate information learned throughout the course to fully address all aspects and requirements of the critical assignment. As a reminder, the critical assignment for this course and must be passed at an acceptable rate (defined as 70%) in order to pass the course. All written submissions should reflect professionalism in grammar, spelling, writing style/format (one-inch margins, double spaced, typed in 12-point Times New Roman font), include APA 6th citations when appropriate, an appropriate title page, and be uploaded as .doc or .docx documents

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